BCM325 Self Evaluation.

In BCM325 this semester we have spent seminars exploring classic science fiction films and live tweeted our class discussion during the screening. Initially I thought the concept of live tweeting a film was just going to distract from the cinematic experience, although it promoted deeper thought, discussion and rapid production of ideas without interrupting the […]

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BCM Pitch Peer Feedback

In BCM325 this semester we are being encouraged to explore how an area of our interest that is related to the field of media may develop on the future. Many students have pitched great projects, and in this blog post I will explore three of their pitches.  Pitch One: Taylor               Taylor’s project is exploring the […]

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This DA is a two-part  video essay series exploring the future of information, communication and the exploitation of the general population through the use of bot-nets, bots and troll farms.  Each essay will cover a different topic that is a demonstration of how bots and trolls are shaping  public opinion, with a focus on how this may evolve in […]

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Read the report Here. References: Raessens, J. (2005). Computer games as participatory media culture. In J. Raessens & J. Goldstien (Eds.), Handbook of computer game studies (pp. 373 – 388). Cambridge, MA: MIT PRESS. eurothug4000 (2020). The Art of Video Game Photography. YouTube. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWnLD39b6Y0&t=611s&ab_channel=eurothug4000 %5BAccessed 11 Nov. 2020]. Hat-Loving Gamer (2020). Pokémon Snap Volcano Course… PART TWO!! YouTube. Available […]


Contextual Report

The video essay I have created explores the idea of photography in video games, specifically the action sports titles Steep and the Skate franchise. In creating this video essay I tried to create a balance between entertaining content and quality academic examination of the game. I outline the history of video game photography, the various […]

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THE INTERVIEW Interviewing my Father for this project was a dramatically different experience than I had anticipated. Peter is a Civil engineer by trade, and throughout my life, I have watched him predominately work on port design. From what I had gathered throughout my childhood watching Peter work, I believed that port design was mostly […]



Isaac – Twitch.tv/foozettvWhat an incredible beta progression! This is one of the most fully rounded projects that I have seen come out of a BCM subject! First off – your presentation was incredible, you sounded really enthusiastic, the editing was great and you covered the required content in an entertaining way. I am very impressed […]

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Aliah What a great project! Well done shifting from Fall Guys to Among Us, it was great timing and I think it really reflects your dedication to the project. I am impressed by your use of twitch streaming statistics to quantitatively and objectively show which game you will be best off playing. I believe that […]

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